Album «Живим… / Who Alive…»

The debut full-length album by Ukrainian Progressive Heavy/Power Metal band.

«Who Alive…» is a result of years of work creating complete and harmonious music. Album includes seven unique compositions that span different eras, different philosophy and different worldview. Strong and philosophical lyrics forcing empathise and think about ordinaress of life and will not leave anyone indifferent.
Each song, whether it is a fast «action» or an epic ballad, is a unique creation that tells its story both with words and music. An amazing combination of Heavy/Power and Progressive Metal with its unpredictable turns, successfully represents music themes from 17th century to modern times.

Recommended for fans of: Blind Guardian, Symphony X, Royal Hunt, King Diamond, Iron Maiden, Labyrinth, Aria, Vision Divine and other!

1. Анжелика / Angelica 06:31
2. Тысячи бессонных ночей / Thousands Sleepless Nights 04:06
3. Танец над бездной / Dance Over Abyss 04:52
4. Ленор / Lenore 09:23
5. Призрак войны / Ghost of War 07:52
6. Живим / Who Alive 03:33
7. Страж Вітчизни / Guardian of Homeland 05:48

Total playing time: 42:42

CD release date:
Ukraine: 27.04.2017; Japan: 28.04.2017; UK/Europe: 05.05.2017; North & South America: 19.05.2017
Digital release date:
Worldwide: 05.05.2017; North & South America: 19.05.2017


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