Shain Lee

Shain Lee

Shain Lee - is the author project of European music. It creates a new up-to-date sounding based on the synthesis of elements of popular, electronic, jazz and classical music. Costumes’ details of the musicians are referring to the style of steampunk, and this finds reflection in the music of the project: ghostly mysterious, like a vapor (steam) lyrics, seems they come to fight the rebellious (punk) sound. That’s the music that dictates a design solution, which is reflected in the visual appearance of the musicians on stage. Mystery together with a strong emotional charge – that’s all about Shain Lee music.

Project Leader Shain is a collective scenic figure, the heroine with the male name from an alternate reality. High-necked gown, pocket watch, steampunk goggles with interchangeable lenses reunite in Shain gothic aristocratism of Victorian England of mid-to-late XIX century, elements of fantasy and stylization of historical elements of the XX century. In such eclecticism Shain is born - a complicated personality who doesn’t fit into a convient format dictated and required for all of us by society. She is like an emotional vessel filled with lots of stories, plots, visual images, strong emotions, she concentrates them and sends the gathered excess energy through original lyrics and music. It seems that the depth of the strength of these feelings pass like rays through the lenses of her glasses. Goggles hide her eyes, her look, they protect her fragile soul and at the same time they help her to concentrate on musical communication, which has to be read and received as an important code by all of listeners’ hearts.

Every song of Shain Lee is a story, her every music video is a film. Just like a mosaic every time a new picture is formed as well as a new plot, and colorful spectacle lenses paint sounds into emotional impulses.